Reading out loud

Dianne has been reading aloud since, when still a child herself, she read to her younger siblings. When she was in high school, those same siblings took turns feeding her lines for her parts in plays while she stood washing dishes for their family of nine. In college she majored briefly in theater and later applied what she learned when dramatizing Plato’s dialogues for her philosophy students. Now she enjoys bringing her own characters to life at public readings.

Dianne Romain Reading

Dianne prefers live audiences, but when no one is around she makes do with straw animals crafted in the state of Michoacán.


Reading: Callie’s Fascination with French. Callie uses logic on her parents so she can follow her heart.


Reading: Callie Meets Pamela. This section of The Trumpet Lesson features Dianne’s favorite mariachi song, “El niño perdido (The Lost Child).”


Video: The Lost Child. The Mariachis Reyes de America play “El niño perdido” in the Jardín de la Unión, the plaza where Callie meets Pamela.


Hotel Santa Fe restaurant, where Callie hears Pamela play “The Lost Child”

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