Author of the novel Catch Me if I Fall and the textbook Thinking Things Through, Dianne Romain writes, teaches, and dances in Guanajuato, Mexico, the site of her novel.


Dianne Romain, philosophy professor turned fiction writer, lives with writer Sterling Bennett in the house she designed in Guanajuato, a colonial city smack in the center of Mexico.

To get to know her novel’s trumpet-playing characters, she took up the trumpet herself.

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A novel by Dianne Romain.

Fascinated by a trumpeter playing “The Lost Child” in Guanajuato’s central plaza, Callie Quinn asks for a trumpet lesson and ends up unleashing a longing to know her own lost child.

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Dianne has been reading aloud since, when still a child herself, she read to her younger siblings.

Now she enjoys bringing her own characters to life at public readings.

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Write yourself a fictional fan letter.

Want to get to know your ideal reader? Write yourself a fictional fan letter. So recommends Gabriela Pereira of diyMFA. I attended Gabriela’s “Rock Your Revisions” session at the Writer’s Digest Conference and afterward signed up for her Platform Master Class webinar....
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So how was the Pitch Slam?

That depended on the lines. When I signed up for the slam I had learned from the conference website that the slam was 60 minutes long and that each pitch and response lasted three minutes. Wow, I thought, I can see lots of agents that way. Not quite. When I inquired...
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Hey, I hear you’ve finished your novel. So when’s it coming out?

First things first. A perfect pitch. 100 words that capture the spirit of 100,000. That takes time. I finished my novel in April and began drafting, polishing, discarding, redrafting, and repolishing my pitches, agent query letters, novel synopses, and sample pages in...
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The Gas Man Blues

A musician friend with late-night hours once lamented the early morning call of the gas delivery man in his neighborhood. I understood how my friend felt, but I thought the gas man might have a lament of his own.   The Gas Man Blues (The Gas Man Cometh) By Dianne...
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Guanajuatense writers from the past

Emma Godoy, born in Guanajuato (1918) and died in Mexico City (1989), obtained a doctorate in letters from the National Autonomous University of Mexico and later studied philosophy at the Sorbonne. A professor and a writer, Godoy’s works include biographies, short...
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Making gorditas

Let’s start with a pleasant sound from daily life: patting gorditas into shape. When baking on a comal, they smell good, too. And stuffed with a filling of your choice, they taste...
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