El Niño Perdido” (“The Lost Child”)


In The Trumpet Lesson painfully shy Callie Quinn becomes so moved by Pamela Fischer’s performance of “The Lost Child” that she asks Pamela for a trumpet lesson. Here’s a performance of that Mariachi trumpet duet.

Mariachis Reyes de América, Jardín de la Unión, Guanajuato, México.


Praise for
The Trumpet Lesson

“An adventure of the heart set in the heart of Mexico: Guanajuato, the historic city of music and books, Diego Rivera’s childhood home, and rocket blasts into dazzling blue skies, a place where an avocado might hit you on the head or a papaya squish underfoot! Romain knows the secrets and wonders of this UNESCO World Heritage site, and she tells the story of Callie Quinn with aplomb.”
― C.M. MAYO, author of The Last Prince of the Mexican Empire