Author of the novel The Trumpet Lesson and the textbook Thinking Things Through,
Dianne Romain writes, teaches, and dances in Guanajuato, Mexico, the site of her novel.

The Trumpet Lesson

Fascinated by a young woman’s performance of “The Lost Child” in Guanajuato’s central plaza, painfully shy expat Callie Quinn asks the woman for a trumpet lesson—and ends up confronting her longing to know her own lost child, the biracial daughter she lost to adoption more than thirty years before.
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Romain’s enchanting debut delves into the complex personalities of two friends living in the mountains of central Mexico. Callie Quinn is an anxiety-ridden expatriate American nearing 50, and Armando García is a vivacious 30-year-old orchestral musician. . . . Romain’s insights into the characters’ flaws enrich this story of friendship, along with prose that is sometimes droll, often fervent, and always engrossing
–Publishers Weekly (3/12/2020)

In this remarkable first novel, you will find yourself looking into your own secrets, lies, and losses as you journey with Callie, both internally and in the streets of Guanajuato, Mexico.
Trust, honesty, family, loyalty, shame, and the power of music and love are sensitively explored in The Trumpet Lesson with elegant writing and deep empathy for the unusual cast of characters

founding director of Global Children’s Organization and former adoption attorney

Dianne Romain’s daring and delightful first novel, The Trumpet Lesson, crosses boundaries, opens wounds, and heals them, too. This is a book for anyone who has known the pains and joys of families, both old and new. Are there lessons in this book that moves gracefully from Missouri to Mexico? Indeed there are. Those who go below the surface of the narrative will find them, and they will be amply rewarded for their efforts.
–JONAH RASKIN, author of A Terrible Beauty: The Wilderness of American Literature

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